Friday, February 27, 2009

All kinds of stuff to talk about

Johnathan did a horrible horrible. . . bad thing; he decided to buy a road bike and transform it into a "sick fast" single speed/fixie. In reality Im just estatic for him, I mean honestly he was getting fat anyways; he needs the exercise. This inturn gave me the oppurtunity to finally build up my FUJI and actually have someone to ride with. Im quiet excited! So far my gearing is crazy (52/16) and I still have front and back brakes but its still pretty cool I believe.

As for pictures; Im lazy. Ill have'em up soon but as of right now its still a masterpiece in the making so hold your freakin hourses.

P.S. I love Corey and Stephen; they make my head feel real big and all by complementing/commenting this beast of a page. Grrrrrrrr. Oh and Stephen, dont worry, your not an old grouchy man and honestly if that post came out sounding like that in the least I am so so so soooo sorry. I was just feeding off of how you were talking about how you were going to fuss and then you realized you just wanted to ride. I dig it man. I love all three of the guys that read this page and I hope that I can keep up this moderatley entertaining page. Just to keep you spellchecker busy.

P.S.S I reall do have really really bad grammer and spelling so please bare with me. I know it looks like a dieing moose but please look on the bright side. . . . . . . Im pretty.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Rant

Ok ok, so I got snoopy. What can I say; I have to much time on my hands. In my snoopiness I read something. . . something that struck me. Its a post by Stephen speaking on the Knoxville bmx scene. He tells of how he was going to blast about how unromantically horrible our scene can be. I agree with him, yet respectably disagree aswell. Yes. we have some thick skulled, dumbass, and just mostly moranic kids (including myself). But on the other hand I think that is what makes our scene great. We are a mix match of the dumbest most pathic people around these parts. Hardly any of us truely ever agree/like eachother, but again, that is what makes us great in my eyes. I have been on to many road trips and to many cities not to love our scene.

Everywhere else I have been feels more like a highschool click to me; more than a scene. These scenes have been to intertwined with eachother so long that they have become clones in a world that is suppose to be a structure of indivdualistic people searching for a reason to exist more than just a paycheck and a kiss on the cheek.

Nashville for example has become a horrible cloneing factory of Nathan William's es. Every rider has the same bike, same clothes, SAME FUCKING STYLE, and the exact same tricks. This of course breaks my itty little tiny heart because then bmx to me has lost its entire meaning! Here it switches from some crazy little expierment of self growth to a creepy little click of kids who havent quiet forgotten just how it felt to fit in, in highschool.

So to conclude my hopeless and useless rant I must say. Stephen you are so very very right; all of the bmx scene here is a bunch of bullshit. We are ununited, unorganized, and unwilling and in alot of ways we suck because of this. But for now Im going to try to turn a hopefull eye to the brighter side of our scene and look at how all of our flaws add up to make our uniqueness; which I honestly and truely believe that in all of its cheesy, wanna be hopless romantisim is BMX. And damnit, I hope it stays that way. . . . well kinda.

As for the skatepark. I hate skater/biker drama and I hate the idea of not being able to ride one of my favorite places in this entire city to ride, but if that happens I hope that we could just crudge through it and take some hammers to some copeing. Hey, technically Im still a kid so I sorta kinda have the right to be thick headed. . . . well kinda.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally. . . Daylight!

So yesterday went midly more swimmingly then previous days. The harsh rays of daylight finally burned scars back into my eyes. . . . . . I also took pictures. It all went quiet well, Alex was there and the riding was great. There were alot of cameras being shown off (namely corey's new piece of awesomness. Thus I felt like a complete tool with my poor little camera that is only a stones throw away from being the most simple of point-n-shoots. Even with this delima of insecurity I still managed to shoot some pictures. . . even if they were of a lower grade than my
Stephen with one of his more beautiful 270s over the hip. Notice the scooter he is persumebly trying to destroy.
Kyle in all of his sexiness.
Stephen over the hip. Do you hear the jealousy in my typing?
Kyle dropping in!
Peace out!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fixed gear. . yes or no?

Im still up in air on the fixed gear trend. In alot of ways I can dig it. Its fast, its slightly dangerous, and its on a bike. All of these are pretty rad reasons for me to want one, and in alot of ways I do. On the other hand; it has its down falls. Namely the fact that I live in the hills, which would make traversing any amount of ground very difficult on a bike I couldnt stop pedaling on. Not to mention that fixed gears (or fixies if your in the loop) have become the new "scene" kid craze. Although I actualy converse with many of the scene kids in my area; I still cant stand behind anykind of trend like this.

There is something though that has pushed me a little closer to the mindset of wanting a fixed gear bicycle.

The group of men that we all know in the bmx community as some of the craziest and coolest motherfuckers in the scene have come out with a new line of fixed gear frame and forks. The guys over at FBM bicycles has thrown me in a loop with some radest shit Ive seen for anything besides my beloved bmx.

This is their stylish yet still understated frame "The SWORD". Although the name is kinda over stated its still rad as fuck. . . it comes in other colors too.

These of course are thier oh so sexy forks! Notice those sexy colors and the beautiful craftmanship!

This is exactley how I imagine a fixed gear bike. Clean, smoothed lined, and fast.

Ok, so maybe it isnt smooth and clean, but it sure is fast and sexy. If nothing else, its bad ass.

Jim Baurs personal fixed gear. Sexy isnt it. I love it when any kind of bike besides a bmx one has bmx parts on it. The Mike Aitken seat is sexy, isnt it.

Another slow day

Today has been equally as interesting as the last few days. Although I did make a slight apperance at the skatepark. It asleast gave some time to look more closely at the lines I have been thinking about this entire week.

In other news; my papaw's uncle and sister in-law came over lastnight which was atleast interesting.

My sister, my aunt, and my uncle

My papaw and my nana

Ok ok. . . so I got bored during the hours worth of biblical conversation and took some random pictures. This one is my favorite, I dont know why, but I think its cool enough.

I really meant to flip this picture over before I put it on here but I got kinda lazy and forgot it. Its nothing really new ( the swelling has gone down a bit) but I just wanted to take a better pick of it.

And this of course is my sad face because I had to lay around on my fat ass all day when everyone else was out riding thier bikes and riding trails.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh how I want to see daylight

Well; its a beautiful day outside and guess who is not out enjoying it. Its rough to be such a big pansy and be hurt for any amount of time. According to Chad; the skatepark is completley empty at this very moment, except for the exception of a few riders.

I had to take some pictures of my foot. Unfourtantley I only had my phone to take the picture at the moment. I hope you enjoy.

This is a great picture of the night that the kids from Kingsport went and purchased lighting to keep the skatepark lit well into the night. I espically like this photo because you can make out John sitting atop the dugout. . . . looking confused.

He didnt make the tailwhip, but I still like the way the picture came out.

180 barspin by the infamous Nebo. He has these things on lock.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My First Post!

What better to do on an injured day then lay around and write about useless nonsense that I find intriguing? That is the reasoning in which I find myself here today. Seeing as I ride a bmx bike my current predicament was only an inevitability. It started out as a simple high speed 180: but oh how a foot slipping of a pedal and finding its way underneath the bike whilst still rolling backwards will ruin a good day. So here I am; making another "contribution" to the craze known as blogging. Oh how I hope I really do stick to it this time; wouldnt that be fantastic.

In other knews. . . . I must post photos!!!

This is my favorite picture I have ever taked

-John with his beautiful abubaca

Everyone has to make fun of Tim's hair at some point

Tim with his crazy hair on a wall ride

Dont worry. . . I didnt miss it. . . he just didnt make it

John getting high on a wallride

I had to have atleast one of myself. Thanks to Steven for taking it