Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did I mention she was?. . . . oh wait, you already know

I think I found a new favortie.
Introducing miss Jessica Hutchison.
Very out going
Makes me laugh
Cute as hell!
Pretty much the hole damn package.
Not quite sure where things are going just yet. . . .
but i seem to be likeing the direction anyways.
Told you she was cute as hell.
Cuddly too.
. . . . . . . . Im swooned.
In other. . . . less interesting news
Its almost christmas!
Hopeing hopeing hopeing for a DSLR
. . . . . . . . but not getting my hopes up or anything ^_^
Did I mention she was cute?
And the first person to really make me happy?
Honest to goodness
I feel like a made a very large upgrade.
Im pumped on being stoked about the entire situation.
Just ended a baller ass street session.
I love my friends
I does.
I dont suppose I have much else to say.
As always good day and goodnight.
Sweet dreams

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bike, travel, and women.

Keepin this old dog busy.

To much leftover money.

Well, I had to much leftover money. . . . .

Women is plural for exspensive.

Becomeing a better rider im sure.

Bike looks, feels, and is; completley diffrent.

Also. . .

Got a new bike.

Pretty much in love.

First bike I have owned with clipless pedals.

. . . . . . And a computer on the handle bars.

Bought it with the money I saved.

Money I saved from a mountain bike and a ring.

Niether were for me.

Its looking like this was a better investment on my money.

Still not in love with anyone,

dont worry.


just not finding.

I believe its Nashville tomorrow.

Good times.

And that is my update.

It should of been longer given how much time I have had.

But some things are better left to myself.

I think its about time for me to go out and ride some more.

I need to before my date tonight.

God, Im going to be broke soon.