Saturday, May 9, 2009

Progress to be the best

When riding first began in my life it seemed simple. The tricks for some reason seemed easily obtainable. In my little mind I pictured myself finally being able to bunny-hop 2 bricks stacked ontop of eachother one day, and then being able to 360 down a huge set the next.

Whenever I see a rad little dude (or gal; lets not be sexiest here) I wonder what gives them the drive.

In my eyes; looking back now; even I dont know how I really felt hope at becoming anything more than just a little kid on a bike. Those bricks never got stacked very high very quickly. I guess I just realized the progression over time and it pleased me enough to go on. Either that; or I had just already rapped up to much time and effort into something to give up on it.

When I was young and trying to ride I looked to guys like josh, nebo. . . . well and a few others I suppose. But those guys were so good. They could manual forever, throw tricks when they wanted to, and they always seemed to progress so much more everytime I saw them.

How did I have hope?!

Primarily I believe what drove me into the sport/lifestyle I posses today was my constant urge for something exciting, diffrent, intriguing, and obtainable. I never really liked skateboarding anyways (i had a nac for tinkering with things and bikes just fit that category better.) Then again I always liked speed. At one point in my life I even raced dirt bikes but just never really got into it (my dad always did my bike repairs.)

Maybe thats it! Honestly after babbeling on this entire time I might of just realized my reasoning for doing what Im doing today.

Because I could do it on my own. No one to tell me what trick I had to do, how my bike had to be set. . . . fucking anything!

I honest to god just realized that and I have been pondering this subject for the better part of the afternoon and night.

Maybe for me it wasnt about getting better; although it probably did boost my self-esteem. Maybe for me it was just about being alone in my room working on MY bike that nobody else could or really wanted to deal with, or at springbrooke park dicking around on my own time doing my own thing because my mom had better things to do in a day then watch an overly hyperactive child.

Shwoooo. . . . . . . . .

Not that I finally got the epiohany out of the way; what drives me to get better today?

Maybe it still has something to do with the fact that is all mine. I ride whenever I have an oppurtunity and no one can really stop me even to this day. (i like to ride on my lunch breaks as well.) I think alot of it is; I still have that mantallity that I could be pro tomorrow if I just keep pushing and trying. Who knows? I sure as hell hope so.

Even if I dont though, I will always have my memories from my riding, my riding friends, my best/riding friends, my riding roadtrips, and my riding parties.

This little "hobby" or "sport"; whatever you want to catagorize it as has givin my life and made me into the person I am today; wether good or bad.

I love my bike, I love my friends, and I love a clear day with nothing to do but ride my favorite spots and progress.

Progression is key.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Update

Just to update; my bike is still awesome.

My back is sunburnt.

My ribs hurt.

Im going to go see Michelle in the morning.

I rode alot today.

I want to ride trails.

My trick list is finally becoming a "list" more than just a "memo".

Parts list for my new bike. . . . keep in mind everything is black.

Frame: Fit Dak 21

Forks: Ody CS2 race

Bars: Ody Lumberjack

Grips: Animal

Bar Ends: Ody Par Ends

Headset: FSA

Cranks: Ody Twombolt LHD

Bottom Bracket: Fit

Sprocket: Fit Tri 28t

Chain: Shadow Interlock

Pedals: Ody Trailmix

Stem: SandM Redneck XLT

Front Rim: GSport Rollcage

Front Hub: Ody Vandero2

Front Spokes: DTswiss

Front Tire: Ody Aitken Klyte 2.25

Rear Rim: GSport Rollcage

Rear Hub: GSport Ratchet 10t

Rear Spokes: DTswiss

Rear Tire: Ody Aitken Klyte 2.25

Seat: Ody 2pc Plastic

Seat Post: Animal

Special Modifications: Cut Seatpost/Tight Cranks/100psi front and back/Cut steerer tube/Alot of mud

No real reason to do that besides I was bored.

In other outstanding news; I am still far to lazy to charge my camera.

I hope to ride tommorow. I may not get to. I would be bummed.

Today I learned TucknoHanders/Footjams/360s/and some other things.

I hope next time I have a much more meaningfull post.

Good day




Adam "the goose" Haynes