Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New camera and cookes

I finally have a camera again! Ok ok, so it may just be a little Olympus point-n-shoot, but damnit, its fun to have a camera again. All of this is of course in thanks to my beautful loverly Michelle.

Today her and I had some time to hang out and spent it wisely by sitting at a McDonalds taking way to many dumb dumb pictures.

In other news; McDonalds still has the little lemon cookies!!!!!! Holy fuckshit batboy, I thought these kinda delicouis cookies died out after my balls dropped. Those little cookies made a very interesting time for Michelle and I. . . . . . observe

Did you know that Nathan Williams has this hat and wears it all the time too. It was already my favorite hat, but now I am going to my grave with the s.o.b

Dont pick fun at me, I was excited

Michelle and I had to fight over the first one. . . . . I won

So dddeeelllliiicccooouuussss

This picture doesnt really pretain to the subject but damnit shes pretty. No; shes not upset, thats the face she wears in almost every picture. It can become quiet disheartening

Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the Goose to You

I miss my bike, my girl, and the confidence I once possesed in riding street.

I want my own bike, my ankle to be better, and to be somewhere with just a orgasmic kind of bowl.

I need to sleep so I can whore out my plasma in the morning and maybe actualy have a little money in my pocket. (the lint is getting oh so lonely)

A camera would be nice. . . . . a video camera.

I need to ride some street by myself and with an ipod and do something cool untile i eat concrete.

Stephen accomplished clicked tuck-no-handers. He looked like jesus on the cross; his arms were so far out. Congrats Stephen!

My inverts are still "coming along": atleast I would hope so considering I didnt try anything else tonight.

I hope it doesnt rain tomorrow so that I can ride on my day off.

P.S. I love you guys for taking pictures. It almost makes me feel accomplished in some wierd wierd way when I have a picture to show for something. May many good things come to you and your familys.

Good Day and Goodnight

From the Goose to you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Has summer begun yet? I dont mean officaly of course; Im not talking about dates or anything. I was just wondering is this the beginning of my summer. I almost feels like it I suppose. Its getting warmer, some vegetation is starting to return, most of all though; Im starting to refocus my thoughts back to summer setting. Traveling, riding, friends, family; all of these thoughts are hightened around this time somehow. I believe it has something to do with the smog infested air; I could be wrong.

In other news; Michelle, my amazing girlfriend, has just recieved a new niece. All seven pounds eleven ounces of a beautiful little girl. Her name is Annibel (god, please excuse me if I spelled that incorrectly) and she is nothing but a honest to goodness amazing little angel.

Now right that last part off seeing as it was one of the most horrindicly gay things I have said in recent times.

In even more other news, Im in the process of getting a new loan for a brand new bike!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

bikes, work, and women

Wowza, I am one cool kid. So much has been happening for me and I dont know why. I got a new bike up and going, I started a new part-time job, and my girlfriend is going to England for a month soon. Holy crap; I dont even know if I am excited anymore.

Let start off with my bike. A 1970/80ish something or another FUJI BERKLEY. Its rad. 52/16 gearing, a mountain bike seat, one good tire, one dry rotted tire, and brakes that work ever so slightly to say the best. I dig it, and its fun, and its fast. Its my new baby.

The new job? Its alright I do suppose. I am the new lot associate at the Chapman Highway Home Depot. Now you may be wondering what lot associate means in Home Depot lingo. . . . . it means bitch of the store. I am the buggy boy, the loading boy, the customer service boy, and the sexiest man. I dont mind though, and I kinda like the job.

Last but not deffinetley not least. MY BABY IS LEAVING ME! For the days from July 07 thru July 27 I will be nothing more than a hoplessly sad individual that will get nothing but riding a little kids bike around knoxville accomplished. I miss her already.

In other news; I have pictures!

Side view of the beautiful Berkley

Notice how beautiful and shiny I made the largest sprocket known to man

This was from the first ride on the new setup. I am very very proud of the muddiness on this beautiful bike of mine. I hope to see much more on it in the near future.

I really need to find another trick to do. This one is compliments of my good friend Corey with this new camera. I.E. I wont be happy untile I atleast get my tires to about where my shoulders are in this picture; in case anyone was wondering.

Michelle (my lover) commented on how I hadnt posted a picture of her yet on my new fangled blog; so in her honor I posted a picture of her eating easymac in my car on one of her lunch breaks.