Monday, November 15, 2010

A Jar Fearing Man

I believe that the legitimacy of my shareing space is crumbling.

For over a year now I have been rambling mostly of only one.

Directly or indirectly.

After every post I make I look back only to say "really? i wrote that again?".

My writing style is plain

My format; predictable

And my topic; inevitable.

I am a man that is somehow still outlined by one life long accomplishment.

Through my career success

And through all my other relations

I still have nothing more to write about

Then a little girl

Who rocked my world

Then turned it upside down

Shook the jar

And then tossed me out.

I know everything bad about myself now.

Oh is it a list.

. . . A list I made on my own.

Im not a god fearing man persay.

But I have found myself to be very much of

A Jar Fearing Man

Yet I can still taste the jam and crave it dailey.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Phoenix - "Armistice"

Damnit! I love this song!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The summary of a summer.

Its been exciting. I have peadaled countless miles, given countless kisses, and swam and hiked in some very strange places.

Today by itself has been an adventure. Starting with new shoes.....

I took my time with this picture and I really do like it.

No time taken what so ever.

Then it was off to see my lovely lady and wish her the best on her mini vacation with her best friend Casey. They are now officaly in Myrtle Beach celebrating the fact that Casey in getting married in much less than a month. Im a groomsmen.

After she left my day quickly turned to riding my steed. It went well aside from the endless wrecks and taking a small portion of my pinky off.

Now its almost bed time; so Im going to try and wrap this up.

I went to Bonnaroo.

Had a pretty good time, and probably the best contact buzz of my life there.

I have gotten intoxiced beyond my mind.

Far beyond my mind. This is infact the Doghouse swing.

To describe the Doghouse simply; its pretty much a shed with electricty, a bunch of dead animal heads, and a shit ton of (check second picture).

Oh to be young and have money for alcohol.

Went to the Titanic in Pigeon Forge. . . . Wasnt that impressed. . . . But she sure does look good standing beside. . . . . Well most anything.

Last but not least; I have taken a shit ton of pictures. Most bad some good its a toss up and Im not that good yet.

I had my way with takeing pictures of Stephen one day; I liked the results of few.

I like this one just because it shows him, a camera, and a bike. Its a pretty simple way of summing him up to me. Throw some rowdy ass kids in the background and a foxy lady and you got him to a T.

I like this one just cause damn. . . He is one majestic young man.

And I will end with. . . . . . . .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Drugs, Sex, and Alcohol

I feel strangely obligated to update my blog, but seeing as my camera/sd card isnt handy; it wont be a cool one. Maybe tomorrow. . . maybe.

Quick update:

Bike time

Lady Time

Bike time

Lady time

Working on dads truck

Lady time

Working on lady's house

Bike time


Then spend my lady time riding my bike with my lady watching and talking to my friends.

Its a helluva life.

Kind like a rockstart except without the drugs.

I mean come'on; I do the sex and alcohol part all the time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Wensday

Besides my truck seizing up on my going down Alcoa highway (motor stoped. no power assisted steering, brakes, the entire shebang)

Its been a decent day.

Great session at the park tonight. Its kinda nice riding there again seeing as we have kinda been avoiding it.

Something bummed me out a bit but thats resolved now and im over it. Its dandy.

Camera tomorrow! Yey!

Its late, I have to be up in the morning, i miss my loverly, and I keep hitting the tab button instead of enter. Im sleepy.

Gooday and Goodnight

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feeling alot with a little to say

Damn Black and Milds. I quit cigs just to pick up cigars 3 months later. Fuck....

New job going fantastic, yet very stressful.

Love the money though.

I love the fact that I honestly have more than I know what to do with.

Actualy, Ive been looking at land with my mom.

I kinda wanna build a house.

Thought I might be getting engaged soon but I think I might hold it off for awhile longer.

Personal issues of course.

I need to buy some more blue jeans.

Got new shoes. Vans TNT II

I am about to buy another car. Might go this saturday actualy to pick it up. Im not sure yet.

Bonaroo coming up soon. We have the tickets but I am still unprepared to the fullist. Need to get on that. Our first trip out of town by ourselves, and for a full week too.

(driving to nashville that sunday night and chilling out there until bonaroo starts on like wensday? or was it thursday?)

Tim's 21st birthday trail jam today. Should be exciting.

Camera soon too because Im getting very sick of not posting pictures.

Somethings are bothering me that shouldnt be still. Its been way to long and way to much has happened since. I hate it. Kinda hate myself for it. It shouldnt bother me at all. This is stupid.

-over and out
Adam Haynes

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Beach!!!! . . . . and stuff.

Ok ok, ill finally admit to it. . . . im a lazy bastard. Updateing my blog just takes wayyy to much effort for these lazy bones of mine. Luckily for pretty much no one I am finally takeing the time to update my little old blog.

Everything has been moving very quickly lately I must admit. With the new girlfriend, new job, and a kinda diffrent prospective on life. . . . well its been interesting.

Did go to the beach though. Charleston to be exact. Beautiful place.

Got to see the sun rise.

Spent it with a pretty girl.

And good friends.

Only one bike trip as of late.

Atlanta, nothing to crazy special, but a really good time.

New job at Grey Hodges.


The motley Charleston beach trip crew. (left to right) Taylor, Casey, Chassidy, My lovely, and Myself.

Taylor and I walking the beach at the sun crests the ocean.

My lovely and me basking in the sun before anyone else was on the beach.

Stupid faces galour as usual. . . . . I had the best sand castel on the beach though. . . honestly, it took me hours. Kinda

As the sun dips over the ocean. One of the more beautfiul things Ive ever seen.
All together its been an interesting life lately.
Cant wait for summer and daily bike rides.
Cant Wait!!!!
New parts for bike very soon! Yey!
Oh, and we got very lost on the way back from Charleston. . . . . . . 6 hour detour. . . . scary
As always,
Good day and Goodnight,
Love you all,
See you soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did I mention she was?. . . . oh wait, you already know

I think I found a new favortie.
Introducing miss Jessica Hutchison.
Very out going
Makes me laugh
Cute as hell!
Pretty much the hole damn package.
Not quite sure where things are going just yet. . . .
but i seem to be likeing the direction anyways.
Told you she was cute as hell.
Cuddly too.
. . . . . . . . Im swooned.
In other. . . . less interesting news
Its almost christmas!
Hopeing hopeing hopeing for a DSLR
. . . . . . . . but not getting my hopes up or anything ^_^
Did I mention she was cute?
And the first person to really make me happy?
Honest to goodness
I feel like a made a very large upgrade.
Im pumped on being stoked about the entire situation.
Just ended a baller ass street session.
I love my friends
I does.
I dont suppose I have much else to say.
As always good day and goodnight.
Sweet dreams

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bike, travel, and women.

Keepin this old dog busy.

To much leftover money.

Well, I had to much leftover money. . . . .

Women is plural for exspensive.

Becomeing a better rider im sure.

Bike looks, feels, and is; completley diffrent.

Also. . .

Got a new bike.

Pretty much in love.

First bike I have owned with clipless pedals.

. . . . . . And a computer on the handle bars.

Bought it with the money I saved.

Money I saved from a mountain bike and a ring.

Niether were for me.

Its looking like this was a better investment on my money.

Still not in love with anyone,

dont worry.


just not finding.

I believe its Nashville tomorrow.

Good times.

And that is my update.

It should of been longer given how much time I have had.

But some things are better left to myself.

I think its about time for me to go out and ride some more.

I need to before my date tonight.

God, Im going to be broke soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The end of an era, the beggining of a new. . . . . . I guess

With so much changing what is a boy suppose to do?

My world has been flipped upside lately.

Apparently the person I thought Ive known so well for so long isnt the person I thought.

Things have changed.

Does this mean I dont love her?

Of course not. . . .

Everylight in the house is still on. . . .

Ill start turning them off when I start giving up hope.

Even my beloved FitBikeCo. has made a drastic change.

Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Robbie Morales, and Chase Dehart all quite the team.


I went to a show lastnight though. Good expiernce.

Cage The Elephant, Manchester Orchstrea, and Silversun Pickups.

As you might of noticed from previous posts. . .

I love Manchester Orchstrea.

My socks were rocked.

Theres just one thing left that I dont know what to do about.

Not really sure what to do with this little gem.

Its kinda been my most prized possesion for a few years now, so Im a little reluctant to make up my mind.

It been in my wallet for a very very long time.

Should I give it back?

I cant throw it away.

Should I hide it?

It still means alot to me.

If nothing else, it means what we were and what she was.

I love her and I hope she is happy.

She deserves a good life.

As for me, Im going to live.

Or atleast try my damndest

Monday, September 28, 2009

The music that is making the man.

Ive given up all hope for sleeping tonight.

I did try; there is just no hope.

Music has owned my life lately.

Ive had to find all new music to listen to.

Although as you may of noticed, even my new music can do horrible horrible things to my weak little mind.

While Im here though, I feel the intense need to go through my ipod playlist right now and the meaning of every song.

Yes, Im that tired, and that desperate for relief from the pains that linger inside of me.

Oh did I meantion the entire left side of my head is swollen. I really need to start wearing my helmet all of the time. It was just a pretty day and I wanted to enjoy it for a second.

I actualy found this one just a few days ago. It fits into both of our situations now, just for her I suppose she would be talking about a guy.

In a strange enough coincidence; this is the song that I literally thought I killed myself to while riding today. Strange little things in life huh.

For this next one. . . . turn your speakers up a little bit.

This is my feel good song. It makes my hips shake, and my arms wave. I killed this one for awhile I must admit. Its one of a select few songs that make me instantly happy.

Im really getting sick of these bands not letting you embed their actual video. Wouldnt that be better for their appearance anyways?

Well, anyways. This is my pumped song. This is the song that I turn to when the session is getting slow and I just blast it. It puts me back in the spot where I need to be to just ride and not think.

Im glad I actualy got to embed the video this time or this song would come across as stupid (and it still might to some, and I cant necessarily blame them, the intro is kinda lame) but the video kinda just makes me what to cut my hair shorter, die it dirt bag blond, and start on a tattoo collection (ive already picked out a few, its just a matter of time now). Also the original version of this song has some meaning to me and the woman that I find myself staying awake through the night for. God I hate myself.

Let the music make my words. Sorry, another song were they wont let me use the damn video.

When Im tired, sweaty, and alone, this is my back pocket card. The shins know how to break my heart without knowing me. Ya, that good.

If the queen wasnt in there then what kind of playlist would this be exactly? Even if the video and words are off. . . . . just look away and listen.

This is one that you have to watch the actual video of. Youtube, not that hard to find.

Everytime you hear this song, realize that everytime ive heard it i cried like a grown man on the pavement. partially because of that line.

The lord showed me dreams of my daughter, she was crying inside your stomcah. . . and i felt love. . . again. . . . . . .

Thats what Im going to end this entry on. Im sure I left out a couple, but these are my go-tos and my addictions. Bloodstream is also in this (directly beside the song above) playlist, but ive already mentioned that, so ill save my tears of bringing it back up.

I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Everyone has helped me progress as a human being in some way, and there is no way I could ever repay my friends and my family for their love and support. Everyone I have around me are amazing people that my life could not function without. I thank you all, and I love you all. I couldnt ask for better friends, I couldnt pray for a better family, and I couldnt of loved a woman anymore.