Thursday, October 1, 2009

The end of an era, the beggining of a new. . . . . . I guess

With so much changing what is a boy suppose to do?

My world has been flipped upside lately.

Apparently the person I thought Ive known so well for so long isnt the person I thought.

Things have changed.

Does this mean I dont love her?

Of course not. . . .

Everylight in the house is still on. . . .

Ill start turning them off when I start giving up hope.

Even my beloved FitBikeCo. has made a drastic change.

Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Robbie Morales, and Chase Dehart all quite the team.


I went to a show lastnight though. Good expiernce.

Cage The Elephant, Manchester Orchstrea, and Silversun Pickups.

As you might of noticed from previous posts. . .

I love Manchester Orchstrea.

My socks were rocked.

Theres just one thing left that I dont know what to do about.

Not really sure what to do with this little gem.

Its kinda been my most prized possesion for a few years now, so Im a little reluctant to make up my mind.

It been in my wallet for a very very long time.

Should I give it back?

I cant throw it away.

Should I hide it?

It still means alot to me.

If nothing else, it means what we were and what she was.

I love her and I hope she is happy.

She deserves a good life.

As for me, Im going to live.

Or atleast try my damndest

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