Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did I mention she was?. . . . oh wait, you already know

I think I found a new favortie.
Introducing miss Jessica Hutchison.
Very out going
Makes me laugh
Cute as hell!
Pretty much the hole damn package.
Not quite sure where things are going just yet. . . .
but i seem to be likeing the direction anyways.
Told you she was cute as hell.
Cuddly too.
. . . . . . . . Im swooned.
In other. . . . less interesting news
Its almost christmas!
Hopeing hopeing hopeing for a DSLR
. . . . . . . . but not getting my hopes up or anything ^_^
Did I mention she was cute?
And the first person to really make me happy?
Honest to goodness
I feel like a made a very large upgrade.
Im pumped on being stoked about the entire situation.
Just ended a baller ass street session.
I love my friends
I does.
I dont suppose I have much else to say.
As always good day and goodnight.
Sweet dreams

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