Saturday, July 10, 2010

The summary of a summer.

Its been exciting. I have peadaled countless miles, given countless kisses, and swam and hiked in some very strange places.

Today by itself has been an adventure. Starting with new shoes.....

I took my time with this picture and I really do like it.

No time taken what so ever.

Then it was off to see my lovely lady and wish her the best on her mini vacation with her best friend Casey. They are now officaly in Myrtle Beach celebrating the fact that Casey in getting married in much less than a month. Im a groomsmen.

After she left my day quickly turned to riding my steed. It went well aside from the endless wrecks and taking a small portion of my pinky off.

Now its almost bed time; so Im going to try and wrap this up.

I went to Bonnaroo.

Had a pretty good time, and probably the best contact buzz of my life there.

I have gotten intoxiced beyond my mind.

Far beyond my mind. This is infact the Doghouse swing.

To describe the Doghouse simply; its pretty much a shed with electricty, a bunch of dead animal heads, and a shit ton of (check second picture).

Oh to be young and have money for alcohol.

Went to the Titanic in Pigeon Forge. . . . Wasnt that impressed. . . . But she sure does look good standing beside. . . . . Well most anything.

Last but not least; I have taken a shit ton of pictures. Most bad some good its a toss up and Im not that good yet.

I had my way with takeing pictures of Stephen one day; I liked the results of few.

I like this one just because it shows him, a camera, and a bike. Its a pretty simple way of summing him up to me. Throw some rowdy ass kids in the background and a foxy lady and you got him to a T.

I like this one just cause damn. . . He is one majestic young man.

And I will end with. . . . . . . .

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