Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Beach!!!! . . . . and stuff.

Ok ok, ill finally admit to it. . . . im a lazy bastard. Updateing my blog just takes wayyy to much effort for these lazy bones of mine. Luckily for pretty much no one I am finally takeing the time to update my little old blog.

Everything has been moving very quickly lately I must admit. With the new girlfriend, new job, and a kinda diffrent prospective on life. . . . well its been interesting.

Did go to the beach though. Charleston to be exact. Beautiful place.

Got to see the sun rise.

Spent it with a pretty girl.

And good friends.

Only one bike trip as of late.

Atlanta, nothing to crazy special, but a really good time.

New job at Grey Hodges.


The motley Charleston beach trip crew. (left to right) Taylor, Casey, Chassidy, My lovely, and Myself.

Taylor and I walking the beach at the sun crests the ocean.

My lovely and me basking in the sun before anyone else was on the beach.

Stupid faces galour as usual. . . . . I had the best sand castel on the beach though. . . honestly, it took me hours. Kinda

As the sun dips over the ocean. One of the more beautfiul things Ive ever seen.
All together its been an interesting life lately.
Cant wait for summer and daily bike rides.
Cant Wait!!!!
New parts for bike very soon! Yey!
Oh, and we got very lost on the way back from Charleston. . . . . . . 6 hour detour. . . . scary
As always,
Good day and Goodnight,
Love you all,
See you soon.

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